Would you rather…

... be so constipated that you poop a couple of deer pellets every 4 days or be so nauseous that any position besides horizontal will do? Tough choice, huh? Side note: That link does NOT go to a photo of poop, rather a podcast that talks about the Bristol Stool Scale and other interesting poop … Continue reading Would you rather…


Well, my "coming out" party on Facebook was an overwhelming success. The outpouring of love and support... I grinned, I laughed, I cried as I read people's comments. My heart feels so full. I stared at the blinking cursor of my status update for easily 10 minutes, trying to figure out how to drop the … Continue reading Wow.

Halfway Done & Coming Clean

Yesterday completed the 3rd day of my 3rd round of chemo. Woo-freakin'-hoo! The chemo side effects are noticeably cumulative. Post-cisplatin was the worst I've felt of all the rounds. The nausea is overwhelming, even with the medication from my doc and the medical marijuana. I have a follow-up with the doc tomorrow, so I will … Continue reading Halfway Done & Coming Clean

IP at the hospital

Its a much different process getting infusion at the hospital (the infusion center couldn't accommodate since my week got pushed). The morning begins waiting for the hospital to call to say they have a room available. As luck would have it, they called at 8am. Arrived by 9, but hit the first wall: doc's orders … Continue reading IP at the hospital

Customer Compassion

First, I just completed Day 1 of Round 3! Blood levels were where they needed to be, obviously. (Woohoo!) I am now just over a week away from being HALFWAY DONE with chemo. Holy crap. The time, it flies. (Rhonda, this one is for you.) Now, time for the story that goes with my title: Some … Continue reading Customer Compassion