Party Time

Now that all the hair is gone, I've been pondering the purchase of a wig. Truth be told, I'm not totally interested in procuring a "normal" wig that I'll only use sporadically. My hair has never been something that has defined me. One thing I'd like to think defines me is my desire for fun … Continue reading Party Time

Prep Work

On a scale of 0 to organized I'm puttering at a 7 right now. Getting this week's meds organized. Putting stuff away around the house so I can succumb to week 2 in peace and cleanliness. My MIL and FIL were a whirlwind of activity last week, dusting and cleaning the windows. I'm so grateful … Continue reading Prep Work

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

This post was created nearly a week ago, but with one thing and another, it didn't get posted. Here it is now. The head is fully shaved at this point. It started falling out a few nights ago. Not like I'm standing still and hair is just jumping off my head, but any time I … Continue reading Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.