Phase II: The Force Awakens

Speaking of which, we still haven't seen Star Wars. We're planning on going to a cushy theater in the next few weeks if anyone wants to join us. Now, on to the business at hand. The cancer has been defined as a high grade papillary cerous ovarian cancer. There was evidence of cancer in both … Continue reading Phase II: The Force Awakens

Two steps forward, one step back

After the initial toot heard 'round the world, there's been no additional passing of gas. Which presented a problem at yesterday's meals. Breakfast went fine, but lunch caused much discomfort. Dinner went smoother. We're not leaving until I have a bowel movement (that way we're here if there are any complications) so we're back to … Continue reading Two steps forward, one step back

Simple pleasures

I got to shower this morning. Like, actually shower. It was glorious. I get a full liquid diet breakfast this morning. Pudding, cream of wheat, coffee and orange juice. They anticipate releasing me tomorrow. Thanks for all your wonderful (and funny) comments and texts. Love you all!

The Waiting Continues…

Never thought I'd be so anxious to fart. Because it's the weekend, my regular docs are not available. I spoke with the on-call gyno who assures me that this waiting is completely normal. As long as I don't experience nausea and vomiting, we're good. It's just going to take time. The bowels freeze when they … Continue reading The Waiting Continues…